Audio Files

Use the Audio Files page to manage audio content stored on the Q-SYS Core processor. Stored audio is available for use by the Audio Player component, Public Address (PA) system, and any Softphones in your design.

Note: Administer the PA system – including global settings, page stations, PA zones, commands, command scheduling, and PA users – using Q-SYS Administrator, accessible from the Tools menu in Q-SYS Designer.

Default Audio Folders

Audio is organized into folders, each containing files for a specific purpose:

Managing Files and Folders

Creating Playlists

You can create playlists for use by an Audio Player component in your design. You can add audio files to a playlist from any audio folder.

  1. In the Playlists section, click .
  2. Type a unique playlist name, and then click Create.
  3. Within any audio folder, use the check boxes to select a file.
  4. Click , and then select a playlist name.