Network Settings

Use the Network Settings page to view and configure how the Q-SYS Core connects to the network. Click Edit to change these settings.

CAUTION: A Gateway (also known as the Default Gateway) is used to route network data to devices outside of the local subnets configured on the Q-SYS Core's LAN adapters. You should only configure the Q-SYS Core with a single Gateway, either through Static or Auto (DHCP) addressing. Configuring a Gateway on more than one LAN adapter causes negative and unpredictable behavior. If you need to communicate with multiple remote networks, use one Gateway and then Static Routes for all other LAN adapters.


LAN Adapters – LAN A, LAN B, AUX LAN

Select how each of the Core's LAN adapters connects to your network. Depending on your Core model, only a subset of the LAN adapters may be available – for example, your Core model may not have 'AUX LAN'.


Select whether to enable or disable Domain Name Service (DNS). A DNS server entry is required if:

When enabled, set the Primary and Secondary DNS server addresses.

Tip: DNS servers are available from your IT administrator, or you can use public DNS servers such as those provided by Google ( and