Use the Users page to enable Access Control and manage local users on the Q-SYS Core.

Enabling Access Control

CAUTION: By default, the Q-SYS Core is unprotected. For security purposes, QSC recommends that you enable Access Control, create users, and assign permissions to restrict access to the Core.

By default, Q-SYS Cores ship with Access Control disabled. To enable Access Control and create an Administrator account:

  1. Click Enable Access Control.
  2. Enter a Username and Password. Usernames must not contain spaces. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length.
  3. Click Create.

You must now sign in with those credentials whenever viewing or modifying your Core configuration in Q-SYS Core Manager.

CAUTION: Do not lose your Administrator account credentials.

Adding Users

When you enabled Access Control, you created an account with Administrator privileges to the Q-SYS Core. However, you can create additional user accounts and assign permission levels as you require.

  1. Click + New User.
  2. Type a Username. Usernames must not contain spaces.
  3. Select a User Role:
  4. Note: Administrators and Technicians can also enable user access for the External Control Protocol and File Management Protocol. These permissions are set in Q-SYS Administrator using separate user PINs specifically for these purposes.

  5. Enter a Password for the account. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length.
  6. Click Create.

Managing Users

Only users with the Administrator role can manage existing users. From the Actions column:

Note: Administrators can also update their own username and password. Click your username in the top-right corner, and then select Manage Account.

Disabling Access Control

Disabling Access Control deletes all security settings, including the Administrator account, and returns the Q-SYS Core to non-protected mode.

CAUTION: When you disable Access Control, all user accounts are deleted, and a sign-in is no longer required to gain access to Q-SYS Core Manager. This is not recommended for security reasons.

  1. Click Disable Access Control.
  2. Click Disable to confirm.