Use the Utilities page to download the Q-SYS log file (when requested by Q-SYS Support), change the Q-SYS Core 510i processor configuration mode, and reboot the Q-SYS Core processor.

System Information

In the event of a support request, Q-SYS Support may require a copy of the Q-SYS log for troubleshooting purposes.

Click Download to save a copy of the Q-SYS log (.qsyslog) to your PC. The filename includes the Q-SYS Core name, as well as a UTC date and time stamp.

Note: Q-SYS Support uses a special log viewer application to interpret the log and obtain key information about the health of your Q-SYS system, including Core status, design information, peripheral status, streaming issues, Q-SYS Feature Licensing information, and network information.

Core Mode

Available only for the Q-SYS Core 510i processor, select a configuration mode:

Click Switch to update the mode and reboot the Q-SYS Core processor.

Note: After switching to I/O-510i mode, use Q-SYS Configurator (within Q-SYS Designer) to discover and configure the device within the I/O Devices category. You must use Configurator to change the mode back to Core 510i mode.


Click Reboot to stop the running design and reboot the Q-SYS Core processor. A reboot cycle typically takes a few minutes.