Event Log

The Event Log page provides a listing of events that take place on the Q-SYS Core. The Event Log is stored on the Q-SYS Core, abstracted from the running design file and previous design files. All events visible in Core Manager are synchronized to the Enterprise Manager Event Log with the exception of events created by the Event Logger component and generic scripting components.

Note: The Q-SYS Core retains a maximum of 5,000 logged events that can be viewed locally via Core Manager, with the oldest events removed to make room for new events.

Viewing Events

Events are listed by order of newest first. Use the Show events per page drop-down menu to restrict the number of events shown.

All logged events are assigned a severity level:

Normal The event is an expected occurrence, indicating healthy operation.
Warning The event indicates compromised operation of the affected source and reduced functionality, such as a network redundancy (LAN B) communication problem.
Error The event indicates a more serious issue with the affected source, such as a connection failure, clock sync fault, or missing device.

Clearing Events

To clear the event log for this Core, click Clear Events. This permanently deletes all Event Log data from Core Manager.

CAUTION: This action cannot be undone.