Video Endpoints

Use the Video Endpoints page to manage network settings, image content, and EDID files for the NV Series Network Video Endpoints in your design.

Note: At least one Network Video Endpoint must be present in the running design for these properties to appear.


Click Edit to modify the properties.

EDID Manager

Use the EDID Manager tab to view and manage QSC default and user-saved EDID files on the Q-SYS Core.

EDID files include properties for supported video resolutions, frame rates, number of audio channels, and audio formats. In an HDMI video design running on the Q-SYS Core, you select an EDID file in the Generic HDMI Source component's "EDID" control. That EDID file is applied to the HDMI source, which tells the source what video and audio formats are available.

Tip: Use EDID files to manage the video format sent to an NV-32-H Network Video Endpoint. For example, selecting a 1080p EDID would prevent a 4K source from sending 4K video. The source would send 1080p video instead.