This topic describes the different types of licenses available for the Q-SYS platform, their requirements, and activation instructions.

Note: If you encounter an error that a license has expired, be sure to remove the expired license and install the new license.

Scaling Licenses

Q-SYS Scaling Licenses expand the available resources of certain Q-SYS Core processors to meet specific application needs.

Note: Scaling licenses are not additive. For example, both the Collaboration Bundle and Commercial AV Bundle expand the Q-LAN/AES67 network channels from 64x64 to 128x128. Installing both bundles does not expand the capability to 256x256.


Integration Licenses

Feature Licenses

Feature Licenses utilize Nodelock model licensing, which allows both online and offline activation.

These features require activating a license when included in a design deployed to a Q-SYS Core processor manufactured with firmware version 7.0 and above. Licensed features can always be run in Emulate Mode.

To learn how to activate a Feature License, see Feature License and Scaling License Activation.

vCore Licenses

A vCore product license is required when deploying a Q-SYS design to any supported virtual environment (Hypervisor) running a vCore image.

To learn how to activate a vCore license, see vCore License Activation.

How to Activate a License

Before proceeding with activation, ensure that you have received a QSC Entitlement Information email from QSC Software Licensing. This email contains your unique Entitlement ID (EID), which is required for license activation. If you do not have this email, contact the person at your organization who placed the order for the feature licenses and ask them to forward this email to you.

How to Deactivate a vCore License

It is possible to “move” a license to a different VM environment by deactivating the license and reactivating. Simply click the Deactivate License button and wait for your vCore to reboot. This frees up an available activation, which can then be transferred to a different vCore.

How to Back Up and Restore Licenses

Click Back Up All to save all installed Q-SYS Core licenses to a text file on your device.

In the event that your Core's licenses need to be reinstalled (for example, if one or more licenses is inadvertently deleted):

  1. Click Upload License File.
  2. Locate the backup text file on your device, and then click Activate.

Note: If a backed up license is already installed, you will receive an error that you can safely ignore.

Licensing FAQ

To learn more about QSC Feature Licensing, including how to activate a Feature License, watch the Software Feature Licensing video on the QSC Training website.