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Configure the IP address ranges used for multicast address assignment for the Q-SYS cameras, video endpoints, and AES67 transmitters in your design. Each device type is configured separately and supports both automatic and manual range assignment.

Note: When you update the ranges for a system with existing streams, the currently assigned stream IP addresses are preserved to avoid disruption. New streams will use the revised range values.

Auto Mode

To reduce the chance of multicast address overlap, 'Auto' mode seeds addresses in the following ranges using a combination of the device type and MAC address of the Core's primary LAN interface. For each Core, the third octet of the range receives the seeded value.

Device Type Multicast Address Range Maximum Multicast Streams Per Core Notes 

Cameras -


Applies to PTZ camera multicast streams in your design.

Video Endpoints -


Applies to NV Series multicast AV streams in your design.

AES67 Transmitters -


Applies to both AES67 Transmitter component streams and System Link Transmitter component audio pin connections.

Tip: 'Auto' mode is suitable most installations. For very large systems that are planned to exceed the Maximum Multicast Streams Per Core value in the table, use 'Manual' mode and specify a custom address range.

Manual Mode

This mode allows you to customize the multicast range for each device type. The range must:

Note: Transmitting AES67 audio to a Brooklyn II-based Dante device requires address assignment within the range.