The Status page provides an overview of the health of the Q-SYS system, including a list of all devices in the running design and their statuses.

System Details


Indicates the status of the redundant Core configuration (if redundancy is enabled in the design).

System Name

By default, the System Name matches the Design File name. Click Rename System to assign a friendly name for the location or area being managed by this Q-SYS Core processor – for example, "Conference Room 1".

Note: Once you assign a new name, that name persists even if the Design File name changes. To revert to the default name, click Rename SystemReset to Design File Name.

Design File

The design file currently running on the Core.

Last Update

A date stamp corresponding to the last time the design file was changed on the Core.

Core Details


This is the Core's hostname, as defined in the Network Settings page. See Network > Basic.


The Q-SYS Core processor model – for example, "Core 510i".

Firmware Version

The Q-SYS firmware currently running on the Core.

Note: If you see a Core is running QSC-Signed Firmware notification, it means that the Core is running Q-SYS firmware version 9.1.0 or later. To increase the security and integrity of the Q-SYS Ecosystem, Q-SYS v9.1.0 (and later) implements cryptographic code signing for Core firmware images to ensure their authenticity. Once a Core is updated to version 9.1.0 and later, it will inspect subsequent firmware updates for a digital signature and, by default, will only install firmware that is signed by QSC. This protects the Core against illegitimate and potentially unsafe firmware. Refer to the Utilities > Firmware section to learn about downgrading to version 9.0.1 or lower.

Card Slots

For Q-SYS Core processor models supporting Q-SYS I/O cards, click View to see a list of installed card types.


The Inventory table lists all devices within the running design, and provides an at-a-glance view of their statuses, assigned names, types, Q-SYS model name, and location. Location information is determined from the Location component property in the design.