Quality of Service (QoS)

Q-SYS is a live audio, video, and control system, so real-time performance is critical within the network environment. QoS is required in the Q-LAN network to prevent non-real-time control and bulk communications from affecting performance of time-sensitive clocking, audio, and video traffic.

Q-SYS uses the DSCP field in the IP header to specify traffic priority to the network. The network must inspect, distinguish, and prioritize the following traffic classes. System administrators may choose to trust the DSCP values transmitted by Q-SYS or alternatively reassign new DSCP values based on these values or other distinguishing traffic characteristics. As long as traffic is properly prioritized, it is not necessary to preserve these exact DSCP values through the network.

To assign DSCP values in your Q-SYS design, go to File > Design Properties in Q-SYS Designer. You can select from Q-LAN, Audinate, and Manual presets.