Network Services

Use the Network Services page to manage the Q-SYS Core's ability to communicate with devices through its network interfaces, as well as configure SNMP access. System administrators can:

CAUTION: By default, all network services are enabled on the Q-SYS Core. QSC recommends disabling unneeded network services.


The Summary tab provides a read-only listing of all active network protocols on the Q-SYS Core and the network adapters on which they are enabled.

For any active network protocol, click + to see a list of the network services using that particular protocol.


The Management tab provides a list of high-level network services on the Q-SYS Core. A check mark indicates if a network service is active for a particular LAN adapter.


SNMP allows you to manage and/or monitor devices on the Q-LAN network for conditions that may need attention. With a third-party Management Information Base (MIB) browser, you can poll any Q-SYS Core, which returns its status as well as the status of any Q-SYS peripheral devices included in the running design. Additionally, 3rd party devices monitored via Enterprise Manager-enabled plugins or the Monitoring Proxy component also report their statuses via the Core using SNMP.

Use Cases and Recommendations