Use the Softphones page to configure Softphone global parameters and individual Softphone parameters. Click Edit to change the Softphone settings.

Note: Softphone configuration is only available if the design running on the Q-SYS Core contains one or more Softphones.


Use the Q-SYS Softphone to connect to VOIP (Voice over IP) telephone systems, including IP-PBX and SIP-based devices (for example, Cisco CUCM and FreeSwitch). The Softphones page facilitates registration with these systems. You can also use the Softphone component in unregistered mode, which allows making ad-hoc IP-to-IP calls and connecting to other non-registered SIP-compatible equipment.

Before configuring the Softphone:

Note: The maximum number of Softphones that can be placed in a design is: Core 110f = 4; all other Cores = 64.

Shared Settings

These settings apply to all Softphones:

Audio Codecs

Select all supported audio codec types to be available for use and order them by preference of connection. Click and drag a codec to change the connection order.

Softphones List

This list contains all Softphone components from your design inventory. Select a Softphone to change its settings: