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SNMP allows you to manage and/or monitor devices on the Q-LAN network for conditions that may need attention. With a third-party Management Information Base (MIB) browser, you can poll any Q-SYS Core, which returns its status as well as the status of any Q-SYS peripheral devices included in the running design. Additionally, third-party devices monitored via Enterprise Manager-enabled plugins or the Monitoring Proxy component also report their statuses via the Core using SNMP.

Note: SNMP is disabled by default on new Q-SYS Core processors and those that have been factory reset.

Configuring SNMP Access

Depending on the MIB browser you select, you can access the Q-SYS information using SNMP v2c and/or SNMP v3.

Note: The parameters you specify in Network Services > SNMP must be the same values you specify in the MIB browser.

Click Edit to modify SNMP access parameters.

Loading the MIB File

Load the Q-SYS MIB into a MIB browser to access the Q-SYS SNMP objects by name. You can put the MIB anywhere as long as the MIB browser has access to the location.

You can obtain the MIB file from:

Supported Third-Party MIBs

Inventory Table

Each device in the Q-SYS design's Inventory has an entry with the following objects:

Snapshot Table

Each Snapshot Bank has an entry with the following objects:

Note: For all other Q-SYS SNMP objects, see the MIB file.