Installing and Updating Q-SYS Software and Firmware

Q-SYS consists of multiple pieces of hardware running Q-SYS firmware and a Q-SYS design file (on the Core). The design file is created and maintained by Q-SYS Designer software installed on a PC. When creating or maintaining a design file, Q-SYS Designer on the PC and the Q-SYS firmware on the system's hardware must be the same release version.

If you attempt to save and run a design file to a Core and a mismatch of software and firmware is detected, you are given the opportunity to update the hardware to the firmware associated with the Q-SYS Designer software running on your PC. If you choose to update the firmware, all of the Q-SYS hardware identified in the design receives the firmware update automatically. This design feature of Q-SYS ensures that all of the hardware pieces are quickly and easily kept synchronized with the same firmware version without having to individually update each piece.

Note: Anti-virus software can impact some Q-SYS Designer Software operations.