Use the Reflect page to check for network connectivity issues between your Core and the Q-SYS Reflect servers, as well as register the Core with your Q-SYS Reflect Organization.

Note: See the Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager Help online to learn about Enterprise Manager.

Prepare the Q-SYS Core for Monitoring

Register the Core

  1. Before proceeding, make sure your Core is properly configured. Follow the steps in See Prepare the Q-SYS Core for Monitoring.
  2. Click Test Connection to verify that the Core has a valid communication channel to the Reflect servers.

    Note: If you see any errors, refer to See Connection Troubleshooting.

  3. Select a Reflect Access level. The level you select becomes the highest permitted access level allowed to this Core, regardless of the Q-SYS Reflect user role:
  4. Note: Administrators and Technicians can also enable user access for the External Control Protocol and File Management Protocol. These permissions are set in Q-SYS Administrator using separate user PINs specifically for these purposes.

  5. Click Start Registration.
  6. Copy the Authorization Code. Use this code to add the Core to a Site in Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager.

Connection Troubleshooting

If you see errors during a connection test, check with your IT administrator to ensure your connection is configured properly. Consider the following: